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How To Quit Porn In 4 Easy Steps And What Will Happen If You Don’t

In this article, I’m going to talk to you about how to quit porn.
Some men don’t ever watch porn.
Most men have a relatively healthy relationship with porn, watching it every now and then but certainly not becoming obsessed with it and always preferring the ‘real thing’.

THE REAL THING being — sex with a woman.
However, there are some men (and since you’re reading, this is probably you) who become a little too fond of porn and end up watching it every day, often more than once.

Sound familiar?
If so, carry on reading because this I’ll be very important for you…
Once you start watching porn every day, more than once and you feel like you can’t stop — that’s when you have A PORN ADDICTION.
And you need to break that porn addiction because if you don’t the following negative outcomes will likely arise:

  • Your social life will suffer
  • Your interactions with women will suffer or become non-existent
  • You will miss out on having a happy, healthy, fulfilling and wildly sexual relationship with a REAL woman
    Doesn’t sound good, does it?
    So here’s what I recommend:
    How To Quit Porn In 4 Easy Steps
  1. Spend 5 Minutes Each Day Thinking About What Will Happen If You Don’t
    By doing this, you’ll start to associate NEGATIVE outcomes and PAIN to the idea of continuing to watch a lot of porn.
    The negative outcome/pain association is the most important part of breaking a bad habit, in this case, the bad habit being — watching too much porn.
  2. Decide What You Really Want
    You better get clear about his, otherwise you’ll never succeed.
    Do you want to quit watching porn forever?
    Or do you just want to stop watching as much porn as you do right now?
    Only you can decide, but decide you must.
  3. Stop Watching It!
    There comes a point where you simply have to STOP IT.
    You have to stop watching it.
    So make that point TODAY.
    The longer you carry on with your old habits, the harder it will be to stop.
  4. Replace Your ‘Porn Watching’ With A New Behavior
    To successfully stop watching porn in the long-run, you have to find something else to do instead of watching porn. You have to replace the old behavior.
    You could start going out more with your friends and try to find a real woman to have sex with.
    Or if you have a woman in your life already, you could try having more sex with her!
    Get it?
    That’s how you do it — that’s how to quit porn. If you do not wanna quit porn follow pregnant lesbos videos by follwoing the link.

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